and environmental technology

Wide range of applications

Hablützel AG occupies a leading position in the field of waste disposal and environmental systems. Design, development and production all from a single source. Companies from the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, the food and luxury food industry and sewage treatment plant technology have relied on the high quality and knowledge of the specific requirements for many years.

Waste disposal technology

We design and build waste disposal systems for garbage, glass and PET bottles, recyclables, files, paper, etc. or laundry disposal systems for dirty laundry. From individual devices to complete systems with control and monitoring as well as integrated PLC control. Complete integration into building automation systems as required.

Environmental technology

– Conveyor systems
– Machine parts and accessories for sewage treatment plants
– Modernization of wastewater treatment plants
– Maintenance and repair work
– Repair work and troubleshooting
– Manufacture and supply of wear and spare parts

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Laundry and
Waste disposal systems

With the spread of building management systems, the technological requirements for drop systems have also increased. Hablützel AG is the only manufacturer in Switzerland to design and implement complete systems that can be integrated into building management systems and fire alarm systems.

Hablützel waste disposal systems are primarily used for the rational, hygienic and space-saving disposal of waste and other recyclables and materials.
While in administrative buildings and service companies they mainly dispose of refuse, waste, glass, PET, waste paper and files for destruction or recycling, in hospitals, care homes and hotels they are mainly used separately as laundry disposal systems and refuse disposal systems.
The drops, which are separate from the movement of people and goods, are much more efficient and hygienic than conventional transportation methods.

To increase the rationalization effect, compactors and shredders can be used downstream to reduce the volume of waste and recycling materials.
With additional container transfer systems, fully automatic disposal systems with a high degree of autonomy are created.
Alternatively, conveyor belts can be used to transport the discharged bags over long distances to their destination.

Above all, however, Hablützel discharge systems make a significant contribution to keeping goods elevators free for their actual purpose instead of occupying them with waste and dirty laundry transportation.

Thanks to decades of experience, Hablützel AG is able to adapt any type of discharge system precisely to the respective requirements. The services include all steps: from conception and development to the manufacture, delivery and installation of all system and control components. Existing discharge systems can be retrofitted and refurbished at any time to meet today’s requirements. Rarely do they have to be demolished and rebuilt to meet the current state of the art.

Control system
With the integration of all control processes into building management systems, the technological demands on the discharge systems have also increased. The simple chute with feed flap and outlet has been transformed into a microprocessor-controlled system.
The electronics are used to operate the system as well as to visualize the operating status and – in the event of a fault – to diagnose errors.
On the other hand, it is a prerequisite for integrating this part of the building technology into a higher-level control system.
Today, Hablützel AG is the only manufacturer in Switzerland that produces microprocessor-controlled ejection systems that can be connected to building management systems and fire alarm systems.

Fire protection
Fire protection measures are particularly important and of great significance. Not only because of fire protection in buildings in general, but because waste can ignite itself, depending on the type.
Sprinkler nozzles are installed in the container aprons to minimize the risk of fire. The flaps also lock automatically in the event of a fire.
The new EI30 fire dampers with VKF certification significantly increase safety. Electrically controlled fire dampers prevent the fire from jumping over fire compartments even in the event of fires that are not related to the discharge system.

Fire door
to discharge chute

Certified fire protection door

Since 01.01.2005, harmonized fire protection regulations have been in force in both Switzerland and the EU.
Hablützel AG offers a VKF-certified single-action door that meets these requirements. Despite its solid design, made entirely of stainless steel, the door appears light and remains easy to operate.
The entrance door is equipped with an automatic closing system that is linked to the fire alarm system.
Other fire protection measures include smoke detectors and sprinkler nozzles, which are installed at various locations in the facility.
Fire dampers that close automatically in the event of fire are available as an option.

Microprocessor control
to discharge chute

Control system
Microprocessor control system with field bus system for operation and control, visualization of operating states and diagnostics. The systems can be integrated into higher-level building management systems.

Sliding system

Container shifting system
Container transfer systems are used at the outlet of the discharge. The waste falls directly into the container. Sensors monitor the fill level. When the container is full, it is automatically moved away and the next empty container moves up.
Up to 20 containers can be exchanged automatically. Depending on the space available, linear transfer systems or carousels are used. They grant maximum autonomy.

Color sorting

Color sorting

When distributing the waste to containers, the bags can be automatically sorted by color. To increase the capacity of the system, the bags can be distributed to press or standard containers via conveyor belts.
The bags are dropped from the conveyor belt with pushers. Standard containers and waste bags can also be purchased directly from Hablützel AG for maintenance purposes.

Sarnishing, consulting

Expert opinions / refurbishments
Systems that have become outdated can be brought back up to date with current regulations.
Hablützel AG offers all the necessary services, from consulting to expert opinions, project planning and execution.
Of course, after-sales service is also an important part of our scope of services.