Conveying and bulk material technology. Low dust

Bulk solids technology – a broad field

The systems and equipment in bulk solids technology are as diverse as the processes, procedures and the bulk solids themselves. If you want to present your expertise credibly, you need to clearly define your areas of expertise.

Food and luxury food industry

To speak of “bulk goods” in the case of food and luxury foods is almost contrary to nature. After all, food is made from it. Hablützel AG therefore attaches particular importance to plant construction in this area:
– Hygiene
– Gentle handling of the bulk material
– Easy to clean

Chemical and pharmaceutical industry

From pharmaceuticals to rose fertilizers, from dyes to composite materials. The great diversity is also reflected in the requirements for bulk material handling. The systems from Hablützel AG are also particularly characterized by:
– Functional reliability
– Security
– Availability

Tuber crusher

The Hablützel tuber crusher breaks up tubers, thus securing the next process step. It is installed under a backfill or within a process chain.

A typical application is the breaking up of sugar lumps. The shaft bushing seals are then air-purged. Depending on the product and performance, 1 or 2 motors are installed. We supply the tuber crusher in 2 sizes.

Drive power
up to 22 kW ; 40 1/min

Inlet cross-section
800 mm x 800 mm or 400 mm x 400 mm

Stainless steel

Air-purged seals,
ATEX version,
Smaller version 400×400

Dosing devices

The mobile Hablützel discharger is designed for discharging and dosing directly from the big bag. A big bag docking device is installed above the hopper for this purpose. The built-in reel ensures conveying even with unfavorable flow properties.up to 2 discharge screws can be installed so that 2 receivers can be filled independently.
The discharge unit is very well suited for filling multi-head weighers.

The special design also meets high cleanability requirements. Both the reel and the screw conveyor can be dismantled without tools using a bayonet lock system.

The discharge unit is also optionally available in an ATEX-compliant version.

Delivery rate

Screw conveyor diameter
130 mm

Length of auger
2000 mm

1 or 2 discharge augers
Big bag docking
Shaft seal with air flushing
ATEX compliant


The Hablützel bag dump is ideal for cleaning in the washroom thanks to its mobile design. A built-in screw conveyor or spiral means that height differences to the filling level are no obstacle.

To ensure that the mobile unit does not require any connections other than a power and compressed air connection, an aspiration filter with fan is installed directly. The extraction system creates a vacuum at the feed point and any dust that escapes is sucked in. The environment is low-dust, employees and surrounding facilities are protected from dust.

The aspiration filter is periodically cleaned with compressed air. The cleaned product falls back into the backfill.

During production interruptions, the backfill is closed with a tightly closing door. This prevents contamination of the product.

Backfill opening
800 mm x 1100 mm

Conveying capacity
1 to 3 m³/h

Stainless steel

Screw conveyor
Quick cleaning version
ATEX compliant

Lifting and tilting devices

The Hablützel lifting and tipping device is used to lift and tip out cardboard boxes, including Euro pallets. The lifting and tilting movement is mechanically coupled. The tilting movement is initiated from a certain height. Dumping can be carried out in fine doses.

The lifting and tipping device is suitable for all industries. The external parts are made of stainless steel. This favors its use in the food industry.

Recording dimension
1200 mm x 800 mm (Euro pallet)

Maximum lifting weight
800 kg

Lifting speed

Tilt angle

Stainless steel

Spiral conveyor

The spiral conveyors in U-trough design are suitable for conveying bulk materials that require a high degree of robustness from the conveyor system. A typical application is the transportation of dewatered sewage sludge in sewage treatment plants. Sand, vegetable scraps or similar materials can also be conveyed easily and cost-effectively.

The conveyors have a very robust design and the use of wear inserts ensures a very long service life. Different versions can be combined. Even inclines are no obstacle.

Special sieve inserts enable dewatering application. Benefit from our extensive practical experience. We will be happy to advise you.

Delivery rate
up to 30m³/h

Conveyor spiral diameter
Standard 160mm and 285mm
(other dimensions possible)

Length of spiral conveyor
up to 20m

Delivery angle
0-30° for U-trough
up to 70° (with half-shell trough)

Flexible spiral conveyors

Flexible spiral conveyors from Hablützel AG are suitable for conveying a wide range of bulk materials. Thanks to the flexible arrangement, complex conveyor concepts can be implemented quickly and easily with interchangeable basic modules. Flexible spiral conveyors are also very interesting in terms of cost compared to other continuous conveyors.

The conveying heights, lengths and capacities depend on the conveyed goods and the arrangement of the flexible spiral conveyor. This data is usually determined by means of a conveyor test.

The areas of application cover a wide range. Flexible spiral conveyors are used in the food industry, chemical industry, agricultural engineering, etc.

Possible combinations of materials and modules are adapted to the respective conditions.

Delivery rate
up to 2800 L/h

Spiral diameter
ø48 / ø60 / ø85 mm

Stainless steel

Cooling screws

Cooling granulate or powdery products is the function of the Hablützel cooling screw.
Depending on the intended use, the screw is designed to suit the application and equipped with innovative cooled screw windings.
This increases the heat exchange surface.
The augers clean themselves automatically thanks to the double auger arrangement. The heat transfer is increased.

Delivery rate
approx. 1 t/h (at 0.5 kg/L bulk density)

Screw conveyor diameter
300 mm

Length of screw conveyor
5000 mm

Inlet temperature medium
max. 400°C

Cooling capacity
70 kW

heat exchange area

12 m²

Stainless steel


The Hablützel sampler enables a sample to be taken automatically at predefined intervals. The sample is taken directly from the silo via a control system. The sample falls into a laboratory container and is then analyzed in the laboratory. The sampler is suitable for all granular and powdery products.

Delivery rate
Approx. 60 L/h

Conveyor spiral diameter
30 mm

Sample length
100 mm


24 VDC motor

Sample packs


Stainless steel

Conveyor trough

The Hablützel vibratory feeder is used for conveying and dosing fragile products.
The gentle conveying process does not alter the product.
Typical products are: frozen foods (French fries, spinach or cauliflower).
However, granular products and pellets can also be conveyed without any problems.

The mobile version offers decisive advantages.
Flexibility is increased and the vibratory conveyor can be used in different locations.
The mobility allows cleaning to take place in a washroom.

The vibratory conveyor is available in different lengths.
The control system with vibration amplitude control makes it possible to change the conveying speed from 0…100%.

Delivery rate
1 t/h (at 0.5 kg/L bulk density)

Wide conveyor trough
250 mm

Conveyor trough length
2000 to 5000 mm

mounted lid
ATEX compliant design

Stainless steel

Vibratory conveyor

The vibratory feeder is used for conveying granulates or granular products. Gentle conveying does not increase the fines content in the product.

Swinging shut-off dampers make it possible to select different discharge points.
Design, construction, building and, if necessary, commissioning are carried out by Hablützel.

The tubular conveyor trough can be manufactured in different lengths.
Easy cleaning is possible thanks to the built-in inspection nozzles.

Delivery rate
approx. 1 t/h (at 0.5 kg/L bulk density)

Delivery pipe diameter
250 mm

Conveyor pipe length
2000 to 6000 mm

Control connection piece
Outlet flap
Electromagnetic brake
ATEX-compliant design

Stainless steel

Conveyor belts

The Hablützel conveyor belt transports the goods on the conveyor belt. The modular design makes it possible to adapt various lengths, widths and outlets optimally to the product to be conveyed.

Optionally available pneumatically controlled pushers divert the transported goods into containers provided at the side or onto other conveyor belts. Fully controllable, of course.

The stainless steel design opens up new application possibilities where other off-the-shelf conveyor belts reach their limits.

Conveying width
300 to 800 mm

Conveying length
up to 15 m


Stainless steel