Hablützel AG Wilchingen

Specific industry knowledge

Thanks to our many years of specific expertise, we are able to develop and implement special solutions for the food and pharmaceutical industries. Well-known companies from these sectors are among our customers.

Everything from a single source

We have been developing, planning and implementing components and systems according to customer specifications for over 75 years. Design, construction and production take place in our modern facilities.
Thanks to Hablützel AG’s innovation and expertise, the company has held its own on the market for over 75 years in a wide variety of economic situations. The former village smithy quickly developed into an industrial operation. Robust transportation equipment was part of the first product range developed in-house. The advantages of stainless and special steel were quickly discovered, so that today Hablützel AG has many years of experience in this field. By combining the expertise of customers and employees, the company develops individual products that optimally fulfill the task at hand.

Hablützel AG
Apparatus engineering
Müllibach 1
8217 Wilchingen

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– Containers, silos, mixers, agitators, filters, hoppers, tubs

– Screw conveyors, spiral conveyors, flexible spiral conveyors, dosing and discharge screws, dewatering, pressing, drying and cooling screws.

– Systems and components for cooling, heating, mixing, drying, dewatering, dosing, pressing and crushing.

– Disposal facility, drop-off facilities for recyclables and laundry

– Sheet metal components, welded constructions, machine components

– Equipment for sewage treatment plants, composting, drying and incineration plants

– Plant engineering, conveying, dosing, mixing and filling systems, bulk material handling
– Special and custom machine construction

Comprehensive range of services

In addition to manufacturing, our range of services also includes engineering and design services as well as assembly in the factory or on site.

– Engineering, CAD project planning, construction, versatile techn. Problem solutions.

– mechanical equipment for sheet metal processing, mechanical processing, surface treatments, glass bead blasting

– All common welding processes for stainless and corrosion-resistant steels, aluminum, special steels

– Installation, commissioning, service and maintenance

Quality management

Our company has been ISO 9001 certified since 1996.